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Etchingis of two types, the traditional acid etching and the more modern sand blasting.

Acid Etching

Acid etching is not widely available, because of the dangers involved with the acid used. However, it is unsurpassed in the subtle effects that can be achieved.

Stained Glass Supplies can reproduce existing designs than need replacement, such as the large etched door panels that were a characteristic of the mid 19th century houses, and the brilliant red borders of many stair windows. We can also produce new designs with sharp or feathered edges.


Sandblasting is the more modern approach to etching. It is a bit safer for the operator and a little less expensive than acid etching. This process tends to provide a whiter effect than the acid etching, and so is excellent where strong contrasts are desired. The fineness of the abrasive grit can have a distinct difference on the surface texture and degree of whiteness. It is recommended to apply a surface sealant to resist oils from handling.

Alternatively, we can provide a heat treatment that is more permanent.

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